• Teach you how the media works and what the media wants
• Give you the tools to create a win/win scenario with the media
• Show you how to get your organizations key message across
• Tell you the do’s and dont’s of dealing with the media
• Offer the necessary on-camera practice you’ll need to be effective
• Provide you with the necessary skills to conduct a variety of media interviews


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Helena DeVries Productions Inc. is a Full Service Video Production Company based in Calgary, Canada. With our extensive media experience we offer complete, compelling video production solutions for corporate and retail clients and offer media training and consulting.



For more information about Helena DeVries check out: www.helenadevries.com


Video Production Solutions

We specialize in Video production including Promotional Videos & Commercials, Educational & Training Videos and Event Videography.


Promotional Videos & Commercials

Promotional & Marketing Video Production, Product Videos & Commercials. These videos are intended to persuade for the web, DVD or broadcast.


Educational & Training Videos

Educational, Training, Instructional & Industrial Video Production. These videos aim to educate the viewer, on DVD or on-line.


Event Videography

Corporate, Company, Special Events, Sports, Conferences, Presentations, Performances, and Seminars.


Media Training is designed to:


Get Your Key Message Across Effectively!





Media Training and Consulting in association with Peak Communicators


We provide workshops to help your organization learn how to effectively deal with the media. We teach you the tools and interview tactics to empower your spokespersons to handle the media successfully. We train you to deal with reporters in the event of an issue,
incident, emergency or project launch and development.


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